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Massive Enterprise

Buy Data and Leads, we have them all

Buy Data

Consumer data can be divided into four basic types:

Demographic, geographic, contextual/psychographic and relational data. By harnessing the insight gleaned by selecting the right combination of these four types of data, a business can buy leads that will make their marketing efforts more profitable.

Therefore some examples of these leads would be:

  • Financial Data
  • Mobility Data
  • Car Insurance Data
  • Life Insurance Data
  • Home Movers Data
  • Debt Management Data
  • Loan Data
  • Gaming Data
  • Utility Data
  • Solar Data

Follow this link to learn more about how to buy consumer data

Buy Leads

Business data can be derived from a number of sources:

Thomson Directories, The Yellow Pages, BT and Companies House Data among others. However, as the employment market is so volatile it becomes necessary to keep track of who the real decision makers are today. With our rigorous system of database upkeep we make sure that your leads are current and valuable.

The key data sets would be:

  • Tradesmen
  • Small/Home offices
  • Marketing managers
  • SME business data
  • Start-ups
  • Utility
  • Construction
  • Solar
  • Retail
  • HR managers

Follow this link to learn more about how to buy business data

Hotkeys & Live transfer data

Hotkeys and Live transfer data can be described as follows:

Instant connection with clients who fit within your target market. Whether it is via a call centre, web site or sms we are able to qualify a lead and then pass it on immediately for you to set an appointment or to close the sale.

We are able to provide hotkeys and live transfers in the following industries:

  • Payment protection insurance hotkeys
  • IVA and Debt Management hotkeys
  • Life insurance hotkeys
  • Personal hotkeys
  • Pension hotkeys
  • Mis-sold Mortgage hotkeys
  • Solar/Green Deal hotkeys
  • Secured Loans hotkeys
  • Web live transfer leads
  • SMS/Survey data leads

Follow this link to learn more about how to buy hotkey leads


First time buying leads or data?

Many believe that buying consumer leads or business leads is expensive and only beneficial for large companies that have the manpower to contact each and every lead by phone. Small and medium sized businesses should instead try to expand their business by contacting their leads in the following ways;

  • Mail adverts such as brochures, leaflets, coupons etc.
  • Email shots with offers, a call for action, incentives to recommend others
  • SMS marketing
  • Don't be afraid to call the leads yourself

Don't try to make a sale on the first point of contact, build a rapport and you'll get a higher conversion rate

How to buy data and leads

The basics

The type of business that will buy data, be it for consumer or business leads, will do so for direct mail, email marketing or telemarketing purposes . Since lead generation is so time consuming and expensive most business will opt to buy the appropriate customer information from a data broker. 

Not all Data companies are the same

Reaching potential customers is the purpose of buying any type of consumer/business data and therefore it must be updated and validated frequently, at least every 30 days. This is known as data cleansing.

Whenever you buy a data package from us you can rest assured that we will not resell the same data to one of your competitors. Your Data manager will make sure that the profile you've bought is uniquely exclusive to your company.

Is the data validated?

If you are buying data for telemarketing purposes we ensure that the records are not CTPS (Corporate Telephone preference service – the official opt out register on which you can record your preference not to receive unsolicited sales calls).

For email marketing the addresses are opted-in to receive promotional emails. This protects you from being reported as a spammer and the IP from which you are sending the emails to be blacklisted i.e. your emails will go directly to the junk mail folder to all recipients that are using similar email accounts to the ones that reported you e.g. gmail, Hotmail, yahoo etc.

For postal data all addresses are PAF-formatted (the Postal Address File) which is preferred by the Royal Mail

Data Samples

We offer samples of our business data because we are confident in the fact that the leads we provide you will convert to sales. We simply do not give out samples of our consumer data due to data protection laws which are aimed to avoid spam being directed at the general public.

Data Appending

If you already have an existing database we can trace new contact details for those whose information is outdated i.e. they have changed address or job etc.

Warning about cheap data

People are always looking for a bargain and businesses know that, if you come across a data company that will sell you a package that is very cheap compared to their competitors then something is up. In some cases the data company will have one database and they will resell it over and over again without ever updating it. Again, generating new leads is an expensive exercise and data packages are priced accordingly.