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Massive Enterprise

Consumer Email Lists 

1Over 300 Profiling Criteria: From age, location and income, to the value of their utility bills we can help you target the right customers. Find all our options below. 

2Responsive Contacts: The contacts we provide are known to be very receptive to email marketing, thus enabling you to maximise the revenue generated from your email shots. 

3Recent and Acurate Data: Thanks to our collaboration with some of the most reputable websites in the UK every contact on our mailing list is verfied atleast once every 12 months.

4Free Email Design and Broadcasting:  To ensure that you get the most out of your mailing list we offer to design the email shot for you in HTML, alternately we would appraise it for you at no extra cost. 

5Competitvely priced Email lists:  We are able to offer very competitive discounts for large orders of data. Repeat customers (5+ purchases) are offered an automatic 5% discount on renewal.



We've been using Massive Enterprise as our source for email data for about a year now, they have always provided us with good leads and we intend to use their data for as long as possible - Liam Viles

 Why use a Consumer Email List?

The basics

Email marketing is one of the least intrusive methods of direct marketing and has become widely popular in recent years as more and more consumers use it as their communication channel of choice. With smartphones becoming commonplace, you can reach your targeted audience at any time of the day with better chances of your message being read.

Our Selection Categories

  • Geographic Location
  • Household Details
  • Household Finances 
  • Children
  • Technology Usage
  • Individual Finances
  • Individual Interests
  • Individual Vehicles
  • Individual Details

From these 9 simple categories we can target any demographic you may need to effectively market your products. We have over 300 sub categories to choose from all of which you can find here.

How do we do it?

Due to our strength in the internet marketing field we either own or have partnered with hundreds of websites and businesses that collect customer details for their own use and then we cross reference them with our email database on a regular basis to ensure that our records are opted in for email marketing purposes and that they are still valid.

How can I use this data?

All data is purchased on the basis of usage licenses; you can buy it for single use or multiple use. Different companies will have different requirements and while some might wish to broadcast the email themselves we can offer to do that for you as well.