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Massive Enterprise

CPP Leads

 All our CPP (Card Protetection Plan) and IPP (Identity Protection Plan) data is generated through our various websites and partners. To qualify the leads we use a set of industry standard criteria listed below:

  • Date when CPP or IPP policy was taken out (after 14th January 2005)
  • CPP/IPP was puchased by telephone only
  • CPP/IPP was purchased only from a bank or card issuer who is part of the compensation scheme 

What you should know about CPP Leads

The industry

7 million people in the UK with a card/identity protection policy are entitled to compensation due to being mis-sold fraud protection policies as of January 2014. Policyholders who were victims of mis-selling can claim full refunds plus interest. It is estimated that no less than £1.3bn could be paid out in compensation.

How we deliver CPP Data

  • Our job is to make sure to pass on leads that are still untouched and fulfill the requirements to qualify for a refund.
  • Prices for CPP leads are determined by the amount due to the policyholder.