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Massive Enterprise

Pension Leads

1st Use pension hotkeys

  • Delivered by telephone transfer with verification
  • Client has more than 5 years left until retirement
  • Minimum pension pot value
  • Access to pension details
  • No Civil Service, NHS, Armed Forces, Local Authority pensions
  • No Final Salary Scheme Pension
  • Not currently drawing funds from their pension
  • Agreed to be contacted by an IFA/Pension Specialist to conduct a full review of their pension
  • Must have time to talk

2nd Use pension hotkeys

Delivered as a data list. The older the hotkey the better the conversion rate since every year the pension supplier will send the consumer an annual statement telling them about their fees so they will look for someone offering the service with more attractive rates or benefits.


What you should know about Pension Leads

How we deliver the Pension hotkey leads

We require the following information from you to deliver the live transfers:

  1. Your opening hours
  2. A phone number to redirect the call
  3. An estimate of the maximum daily volumes that you can handle

Replacement Policy

While we will always strive to forward the best possible leads we are also more than happy to accept issues may arise. Please take the time to read through our replacement policy before the start of your campaign.