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Massive Enterprise

PPI Hotkey Leads

 All our PPI hotkeys are transfered live with conference. To qualify the lead we use a set of industry standard criteria listed below:

  • Loan, Credit or Mortgage Amount (Subject to your instructions)
  • Date when PPI was taken out; before or after 2005
  • How the PPI policy was sold; Face to Face, Over the phone or Online?
  • Client was mis-sold i.e. told it was compulsory or was employed at the time
  • Access to the policy number or loan agreement
  • Resident in England and Wales
  • Not in arrears in DM/IVA or bankrupt
  • Hasn't filed a complaint or made any attempt to claim the money back via a law firm or CMC

What you should know about PPI Leads

The industry

Claims against mis-sold PPI were at their highest during the 2006-07 period however the practice went on till around April 2011. As such due to wide media coverage many have already claimed/ or made attempts to get their money back. It is currently estimated that about 30% of policyholders are unaware they even had Payment Protection Insurance.

How we deliver PPI Hotkeys

  • Our job is to make sure to pass on leads that are still untouched and fulfill the requirements to qualify for a refund.
  • Prices for PPI hot key leads are determined by the Credit amount held by the policyholder.