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Massive Enterprise

Internet marketing is what we do

search engine marketing

We know people are using search engines for everything from cat jokes to finding the nearest dentist. Our first job is to find out what keywords people are using to find the service or product that your company offers. After that we make sure that you are there all the time using the following search engine marketing tools: 

  • Pay-per-click on Google Adwords
  • Search engine optimization
  • Directory listings
  • Maps listings

social media marketing

Social media sites allow us to reach large amounts of people to introduce them to your brand. The added benefit is that the interaction between your business and your customers can be leveraged to encourage them to recommend you to their friends and family; the digital equivalent of "word of mouth" through the following channels:

  • Facebook 
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • LinkedIn
From Day 1 we decided that we would set ourselves apart from other internet marketing companies by taking the traditional approach to marketing and applying it to our customers' online efforts. The results so far have been amazing! - Founder of Massive Enterprise

5 Ps of our Internet Marketing Services

Product A careful study of how your product or service matches up with your customers' needs and against your competitors helps us define what your strengths are and where you should make improvements.

Price Being the cheapest isn't always the best way to attract new business. From an internet marketing perspective we tend to look at the overall value your business can offer your customers.

Place With regards to online placement, where people find you can make the difference between a passing glance and a life long customer. We'll identify where your competitors are getting most of their work and we'll open new and exclusive avenues where you can promote yourself.

Promotion We will examine your current methods of communicating the features and benefits or your products and services to your customers and make improvements where needed. 

People This refers to the way you and your employees handle customer related issues and queries made over the phone or by email. When you provide excellent customer service, you create a positive experience for your clients, and in doing so earn their loyalty. We'll make sure your online image is up to standard.