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Massive Enterprise

Immediate results with our PPC Management services

AWant to advertise on the first page of Google immediately with Google Adwords without breaking the bank?

BWant to be recognized as an industry leader and have better first page positioning than your competitors?

CWant to generate more business from interested buyers by being prominently visible for those hard to reach keywords?

DWant to choose your own budget and be found on ALL the relevant keywords?  We won't limit the amount of keywords you appear under and by raising your Quality score your pay-per-click charges will be lower!

PPC Management services


I started out with a very low pay per click budget but thanks to Massive enterprise I can afford to spend more on my marketing which means more work for my company - Anthony Hurst

 What is PPC?

The basics

Google Adwords is a tool used by advertisers who wish to be found on the first page that works on a pay-per-click bidding system. The higher your bid the higher your position on the page.

Not all PPC companies are the same

We consult with you to understand your target audience, your competitors and your business goals to help form a strategic and cost effective advertising campaign. We will recommend an appropriate budget but ultimately you will decide what you want to spend.

How do we do it?

Through our experience in the field of pay-per-click management we've learned all the best practices to lower click charges, find the most profitable keywords and write attractive adverts in order to help you generate more leads and sales.

How long will it take to see results?

You will be on the first page within 48 hours of signing up with us. Your exact position will be determined by factors such as your budget, your Quality score, your landing page quality and of course what your competitors are doing. Don't worry, we'll take care of the technical side if you need us to.

What guarantees do you offer? 

Our guarantee is very straight forward:  We will divide ALL your budget for the duration of your campaign and we will keep you on the first page for as long as your budget allows us to on a daily basis.