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Massive Enterprise

Replacement Policy

At Massive Enterprise Ltd we strive to deliver quality and you will find us to be very understanding with any issues incurred during the transfer. When requesting a replacement it is important that you supply us enough information to allow us to identify the lead correctly and in a timely fashion. We therefore ask you to provide the following details when requesting a replacement:

Surname/postcode/reason for replacement


Record ID/postcode/reason for replacement

If the call fails to connect or hangs up, our replacements team must be contacted by email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. within 30 minutes to allow us the opportunity to retry the lead or the client will be deemed to have accepted it.

Replacements are judged based on our call with the consumer, if the agreed criteria is not met on the call, a replacement lead will be given.

Call recordings may be provided to assist in disputes, however these are not provided for every lead that Massive Enterprise Ltd reject to replace.

Replacement requests must be requested within 48 hours from receipt of lead, any requests made outside of this timeframe will not be judged. By their very nature, this type of product is extremely time sensitive and you acknowledge this. Failure to deliver leads back within this timeframe will render them unacceptable for replacement and deemed as accepted by both parties.